An ‘Outstanding’ Announcement

It is with great pleasure we can share with you the reason we are celebrating this week; following our first Ofsted inspection last week, we have been deemed ‘Outstanding’ in all areas.

We  have been operating our home-based childcare setting in Worthing since 2015 and this was our first inspection. To to be deemed ‘Outstanding’ on our first full inspection is not only exceptionally rare, but an absolute honour, and humbling too.

The inspector spent the day in our setting, observing our practice, talking to the children and one of the parents, and commented in the report:

  • “The childminders have an excellent understanding of children’s unique interests and needs and monitors their progress meticulously. They provide excellent, well-targeted individual support for children, and any gaps in their learning rapidly close”.


  • “The children have excellent relationships with the childminders, and they know their children exceptionally well, and they are extremely responsive to the individual needs of the children. Children flourish at the setting”.

As some of you may know the criteria for judgement during Ofsted inspections has been updated in recent months, and standards are high; which makes achieving an outstanding grade on our first inspection even more of a reason to celebrate.

For us, this Ofsted inspection felt significantly different to any other inspection either of us had ever been a part of before in our previous roles, perhaps because we are a smaller setting and we operate from Bridgit’s home, the whole inspection and grading process felt so much more personal to us and we are both still so overwhelmed with the grade and feedback we received.

You may not realise, but as home-based childcare providers and two individual registered childminders operating together (co-minding), we were both inspected as individuals as well as collectively and so could have potentially both received differing grades. So to both be deemed ‘Outstanding in all areas’ is a huge compliment and one we are both so very proud of.

As those of you working in the sector know, an Ofsted inspection is always a daunting process, in the run up to the event and during,  but it’s also an important time for any setting as we all ultimately strive towards the recognition from the governing body in our sector in relation to the service and care we provide. And as such, after an incredible two years in operation, we are ecstatic that the inspection has finally happened and even more so that we have received such positive feedback, which truly reflects the standards of care and learning we provide.

However, just because our inspection has finally happened and we received such wonderful feedback, this doesn’t mean we will now rest on our laurels. For us, the inspection merely affirmed to us why we do what we do; for the children and to provide them with unforgettable learning experiences that lay the foundations of their lives throughout their early years. We will continue to develop the business and the service we provide in order to maintain the high standard of care we provide to our children and their families.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for you unfaltering and continued support.

You can read both reports here:

Bridgit  –

Chloe –



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